My name is alexandra,I’m a student in nigeria, an artist, a writer. I love exercise and keeping fit, I also love sharing stories about myself. This blog is all about me, so not only about fitness but about the whole me, the true me. I also share the word on HIV and give hope to those battling with the virus, there is hope you know as long as you are still alive.

My story, my blog, my life…..It’s all about me. I affiliate for konga and I am an health and fitness guide and instructor. I love meeting new people and getting new ideas.

I blog about exercises and training to work up the body, I also blog about remedies, articles, fashion, beauty, healthcare, foods and finally yoga.

I am also a freelancer for hire, I have one publish e-book but I have twenty five others and still writing……

WORKTHATBODYUP is just about its name and about me, I wanna solve problems, I hope you get your remedies here.

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