12 ways to lose belly fat

WORKTHATBODYUP begins its first exercise section titled 12 WAYS TO LOSE BELLY FAT. I know a lot of people that tend to complain about fat belly, this ruins their self-confidence especially when they look at people with flat tummy or tight abs. well now I have come up with twenty-one ways to lose fat belly.… Continue reading 12 ways to lose belly fat

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stop junk food, start healthy food

Tiana said to me yesterday that she keeps on exercising each day by jogging, cycling and going to the gym. she even began yoga but still her belly fat was just increasing and I wondered why? it couldn't be that her body no longer responded to exercises. there must have been something that caused it.… Continue reading stop junk food, start healthy food


Trackers — ultrarunningmom

Runners like numbers. We want to know how far we’ve gone, how fast we were, how much we climbed/descended, what our heart rate was and on and on. As much as we love numbers, it’s also important to keep things in perspective and enjoy the run for the run, so leave your fun toys at… Continue reading Trackers — ultrarunningmom


Reasons to swim

some ideas where gathered from

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cake recipe: christmas cake

I so much love baking cakes and love to eat cakes. why I like cakes is the because of the way they taste and are decorated. This cake is not only for Christmas but for all seasons. They are only called Christmas cakes because of the way they look and in this article, I am… Continue reading cake recipe: christmas cake


Pine tree in the midst of people

I just got to a party venue and I saw this tree standing all by itself, in the midst of people. People hit its branches and some rest on it and the tree just reminded me of myself and my life. I felt just like that tree, all alone in the midst of strange things.… Continue reading Pine tree in the midst of people

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Is it the act to be beautiful or the art of beauty?

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Journey of a thousand miles, just a mile with friends

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healing the Ankles and elbows 

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