cake recipe: christmas cake

I so much love baking cakes and love to eat cakes. why I like cakes is the because of the way they taste and are decorated. This cake is not only for Christmas but for all seasons. They are only called Christmas cakes because of the way they look and in this article, I am going to give out the full step by step recipe of the cake.pic2

Ingredients needed

These ingredients are all important only if otherwise optioned, make sure to get all of your ingredients together and close to where you can easily pick them. I am going to give out my measurements but you could use any other measurements, just make sure that it is going to be equal and balanced because if not, the cakes could fall or have holes.

175gram of plain flour

150grams of butter or margarine

150gram of soft brown sugar

½ teaspoon of mixed spice

½ teaspoon of grounded nutmeg

1 grated lemon rind

3 large eggs

I tablespoon black treacle

250grams of currants

150grams of sultanas

75grams of raisins

50grams of glazed cherries

175grams of plain flour

½ liter of water

Utensils to be used:

Baking tin

Two large bowls




Cake mixer


This are the step by step tutorials to make your own Christmas cake. Make sure to follow each step accurately and following each step.

  • Begin by greasing a tin with butter or margarine: use a cooking brush to rub the butter inside the baking tin and then keep aside.
  • Now set your oven to gas mark 1 or 140celsiurs: this can be done on the control buttons on your oven, if you can’t find then, look for your manual and follow its instructions.
  • New take a big bowl and cream butter and sugar together: creaming means mixing some solids together until they become a cream mixture or dissolve into each other.

You can use the cake mixer for this

  • Now add all your dry ingredients (treacle, raisins, sultanas, currants, cherries, nutmeg, spice and spice) into your creamed sugar and butter mixture.
  • Whisk your eggs using an egg whisker and add into your mixture and mix.
  • Add in your flour slowly as you mix, ensure you mix it well, so it becomes a little bit creamy.
  • Now pour all the mixture into your kept aside greased tin and level it up.
  • Put into the oven, particularly in the middle shelf and bake for three hours.
  • When the time is up, bring out your tin out of the oven and bring out the cake.
  • Now cut off a piece of your cake and roll and squeeze into a ball.
  • Keep going until you have used up all your cake and then keep them aside.

Making the icing

Icing is the sweet toppings, coatings, glaze and design mixture that add more taste, garnish and beauty to cakes.

  • Take a bowl and pour your icing sugar in and add the water gradually to it as you mix.
  • Just make sure that the icing doesn’t become too watery or runny.
  • Now spoon a little icing onto the top of each of the balls cake.
  • Then neaten and smoothen the cakes using a spoon or knife.
  • now your Christmas cakes are ready to eat.

Now that was a quick and easy recipe and no doubt that the cakes were delicious and tasty. No doubt that I will have my taste buds going on a vacation for a long time after eating this wonderful cake. hope you’ll share yours with friends and not be as stingy as I was.pic3


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