Pine tree in the midst of people

I just got to a party venue and I saw this tree standing all by itself, in the midst of people. People hit its branches and some rest on it and the tree just reminded me of myself and my life.

I felt just like that tree, all alone in the midst of strange things. Fighting for my survival, dreams, goals and vision but I was just always mocked at and people only depend on me because of my strength.

But then I looked at the pine tree closely and saw that it’s root were deep down into the sand but it anyway looked beautiful and strong.

Now I am relating this to myself; I have my roots grounded in knowledge and wisdom and I still believe that I am strong and as beautiful as the tree.

The tree blossomed despite its unfavorable environment; I am blooming and I still am blossoming despite all the unfavorable things that are around Me.

The tree grew there as a plant for attraction and just like me, we have a purpose for being where we are today.

So I am just like that pine tree, not because i am alone or with a lot of issues but because I stay strong and keep on believing that I have a purpose for being where I am and I keep on working to achieve that purpose.


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