Is it the act to be beautiful or the art of beauty?

” I’m beautiful, you’re beautiful 

It doesn’t take a thousand million makeup to look beautiful 

It doesn’t take the finest robes to be pretty 

The art of true beauty is in you,

Enclosed in the character 

And in the mind, is the true beauty 

The beautiful face shines from a beautiful heart

Smile out to show the beauty in you,

All has the inner beauty that truly is the art of beauty”

                                                                                 Book of quotes

Today I asked myself a huge question ” do I need to act beautiful or be beautiful”

What prompted my question? I saw so many girls in fact let me say that 91 percent of the girls I see daily are on make up, am not saying this because I like natural or because I think they’re not beautiful but all I want to understand is….are they acting to be beautiful or are they beautiful.

I saw an injured dog limping down the street, I guess it might have been hit by some car of some sort but a young girl came to the dog and as I watched carefully I saw that the dog drew away from the little girl, which means, she isn’t is owner but after so many actions to win the dog’s trust, the girl then wrapped her own scarf on the injury. She did not look so much any special, neither did she look like any hero of any sort but what she did showed that she had a beautiful heart that actually made her the most beautiful human to that dog and also to me I got to admit.

as an artist, I know that I get attracted to beautiful scenery and objects to wanna lay down on paper in paint but whenever I see something or someone that captures my heart then my outcome in art is BEAUTIFUL.

although not a single person in the world appreciate true beauty in fact it seems that it doesn’t exist but from our environment to us, there are so many beautiful things, people, animals and plants all around us.

True beauty is in your thoughts, your feelings, your heart and your actions and not in the way you look, you feel or you appear to be.
Beauty is a quality which gives pleasure to the eye or ear, this act to be beautiful is just to look presentable and astonishing to the eyes but outer beauty isn’t the real beauty.

I want you guys to take a look at these- a twenty year old man in California, USA saved three children from a burning building risking his life just for those children, YES he was heroic but it takes a beauty heart to do so.

The kindest people in the world are blessed with such beauty heart and mind and so also are the courageous ones.

Some people might not look so attractive to you but a mere gesture of there actions would wow you and make you see the true beauty in them.

So here’s now the quiz…. Am I acting to be beautiful? or am I trying to be beautiful? or am I beautiful?

I don’t want to act to be a pretty lady, I am a beautiful lady because of who I am and what I bring forth from me.

I don’t think that I have to become artificial just to please the eyes but I want to be naturally me so as to please myself, please my creator and then impact my beauty to everyone around me in joy, happiness and peace….I know that to be the art of beauty.

True beauty is what should be in every single creation, from the worms in the earth, to the birds in the air, to the fishes in the sea and finally to us all humans, that beauty is the perfect beauty.

No makeup, no mascara, no eyeliner, no fake hair…..not a fake beauty…..not acting but the True beauty is an art of love, truth and care.

Thanks for reading this guys:-)

See you all tomorrow 


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