Journey of a thousand miles, just a mile with friends

This a poem that I wrote myself in appreciation of my friends-dami, ope and faith and to all other great friends out there in the world. My billion cheers to you guys.

mind my poetry, am kind of a learner but this poem goes out from inside me.:-D 

Walking down the road, the mysterious path,

All alone, down the path I thread 

Walk with pace but the face keeps lengthen 

I look back only to see that I haven’t walked fast 

Ain’t my walk parallel to a snail 

I wish for the time to go in a blink,

My journey swapping fast like a lightening speed in the sky

So I’ll get to my destination.

But the further I walk the longer the journey seems to get.

I’m weary, I’m exhausted, I’m tired.

My legs seem huge to life and so I drag them on behind me.

Down the lonely alley I walk.

Then out of the sides came two mysterious strangers 

They walked beside me, they learnt my walking style and I learnt there’s 

We began chitting and chatting, drugging alone charters of laughter 

Soon a stroll turned to a walk, a walk to a jog, a jog into a race.

My journey of a thousand miles seemed to go on like a million thousand miles,

Because I was alone 

But when my friends came alone, my companies, my fellow travellers,

Co-devils, partners in crime joined in my journey 

Simplifying, easing and reducing the path.

A journey that seems very long alone

Will be like the wave of a wishing star in the sky

With your friends on the journey with you.

                                                                    Poetry by temiloluwaoyelola 

                                                                    Quoted from book of quotes 

Friendship is an honour and a great gift, is an abode to be in, friends are always there for us, watching over, keeping company and keeping us alive.

As I went out with my three best friends, I realized that I had gone through so much with them.

I was once the quiet and shy type but they had brought me out of my shell and I became socially vast and open.

I had no dreams or vision but I developed some by being with them.

A word from friend could make my whole day.

Although sometimes friends could be really annoying 

They could be really disturbing but I understand that they disturb to keep me alive.

They pull pranks on me and I Cry and ate them for a moment but we end up laughing- your jokes make me feel special and happy always.

Coming to my house unexpectedly and doing things unexpectedly-this has made me feel loved and I know that some people do care for me.

Our moments shared in the past, those shared in the presence and those gonna be shared in the future- I look forward to it because this gives me a reason to want to live.

Friends pull each other up, friends gat each other’s back, friends are always there for each other.

Friends are special and for this night I want to appreciate my friends 

You guys are amazing, you’re wonderful

I don’t know what would have become of me without my friends.

I am glad of what we’ve achieved together in our friendship 

Your friendship is my backbone and my reason to always smiles, I love my best friends and I love all those out there that are genuine friends…kudos to you guys 

You’ve got no idea what your simple gesture of friendship has done.

Keep on being good friends, there’s no greater power that that of friendship.

Research shows that 68% of the people who escaped near suicide, were rescued because friends gave them a reason to live.

Thanks for reading this:-D:-D

Share with your amazing friends.

Keep on with me;






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