Remedies: get rid of chaped lips

having dry, crusty lips …….yep I know that feeling when your lips just stay dry and are white and definitely unattractive. I have been there before that’s why I know that this remedies work 100%. So here we go…

Firstly before anything, all my remedies have been tested by me and my friends, so I Will not blog about a remedy that doesn’t work.

So let’s go…chapped lips are a sign of dehydration in the body or if you were sick and just recovering or-presently sick.

In whatever way it might have been caused, that doesn’t matter, what matters is getting the cure and solution…so go bellow↓↓↓↓↓↓

Apple and cucumber juice: cucumbers are highly rich in-sorry they are 91% of water and so are perfect for curing dehydration, Apple’s are also filled with water but they contain some vitamins and minerals that work wonders for the body. So you will not find a more perfect pair that these two, if there is comment bellow↓↓↓, here’s how to prepare your juice.

how to prepare;

  1. Begin by washing both fruits, I used two large green apples-thou red ones aren’t bad, I prefer them cause they are more sweeter…and use one big green cucumber.
  2. Slice the Apple at the middle and remove the seeds.
  3. then gently cut the Apple into quarters.
  4. Slice the cucumber in any way you like, just make sure it can fit your blender
  5. Add the apples and cucumbers into the blender *pause* u may need to add favouring, sugar, honey just to improve its taste but it’s optional.
  6. blend until a smooth liquids is formed, if hard to blend add Apple juice or lukewarm water or milk to the contents in order to ease the blending.

How to use:

  1. Pour out your blended juice into a jug
  2. Pour some of the juice in a glass cup and drink almost all the juice-yummy isn’t it!
  3. The remaining in your glass cup, insert your index finger to take some of the juice and apply on your lips ^yep double action^

This juice can be stored in the refrigerator but it shouldn’t be more than four days after preparation because some enzyme act on it, thereby reducing the quality of your juice…

I love this drink because it was natural….I love natural…..and more so…..It worked.

That’s one great home remedy for chapped lips, now go bellow for tips on getting rid of chapped lips and keeping your luscious lips.

Five tips to get rid of chapped lips

  1. Always keep hydrated.
  2. stay clean-watch your hygiene
  3. Eat fruits that contains water e.g. cucumber, watermelons, pawpaw
  4. Always keep a lip gloss with you incase you lips start to get dry
  5. drink milk-it’s refreshing and nourishing

Six tips to keep your lips.

  1. Avoid biting your licensor peeling it.
  2. Wear a simple gloss beneath before you apply a thick lip stick.
  3. Drink water regularly.
  4. Stay healthy and go for regular check-ups….if you’re sick, your lips will show it
  5. Exercise regularly to keep your whole body fit

After doing all these you’ll have gotten rid of those chapped lips and said hello to your long awaited beautiful, luscious and smooth lips. Remember to be confident of who you are, what you are and where you are at all times.

Thanks for reading this….don’t forget to like√ and comment bellow↓↓

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See you all tomorrow, goodnight


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