I am Slim but different 

Treacherous is life and I got to know the real life…been different from others just because I decided to be skinny……this is my story……you may think that being skinny or slim is a cool thing but where I grew up…Nigeria….it’s a bad thing…..I started cutting down on my weight at the age of twelve and then I was in grade 8, my friends started spacing me because they claimed I was sick with some terrible disease….so I went through grade 8 and 9 with no friends. My own mother wasn’t really fat,she is an average woman but I wanted to be skinny, flexible and bendable.

On getting to grade 11, I began to cool off on the slimming stuff cause I fell In love-he wanted me to have more body and I did gain 15lbs while dating him…although I felt bad with my self but I just wanted to please him but didn’t know that I was displeasing myself…going on to grade twelve I just couldn’t stop eating and before I knew it, I became fat so fat that I couldn’t fit my cloths anymore….i had a bulging stomach which caused me to not be able to bend down- the devil I loved who caused it- broke up with me complaining that I was too fat and went to date a girl that was slimmer that I was before-he now had the taste for skinny girls.

I had an emotional break down that caused me to fail the twelfth grade and to repeat the class, my health and my happiness also suffered a serious breakdown up to the extent that I began to eat uncontrollably, I became obese and had a lot of health issues, I had insomnia, asthma and my bones became incredibly weak. I was then admitted to the hospital when I could no longer walk cause my legs couldn’t carry my weight.

Was in the hospital for three months, during treatments, surgeries, medication, counseling and physiotherapy- but I just didn’t lose my fat and I became so low on my self confidence until I met Ruth who is a fitness trainer and health inspector- she spoke to me and we became friends, she was only then done with her secondary education but her ambition was to help people like me.

She spoke to me words of relieve and I began training with her, although the first four weeks of the training where so hard and I almost gave up but I set my goals and that is to gain my body shape back, to be healthy and to get back on my life track.

After three months, a new door of hope came into my life when I lost half of my weight…I was now discharged from the hospital….I continued and I began to do all the other things that I couldn’t do and in six months–I was completely back to myself…I returned to school to finish the twelfth grade and I graduated with credits…

I no longer cared about what people said about me because I knew that I loved been slim and skinny, yes am different but I love my difference.


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