Live life like an ant

I was in my kitchen cooking when a bag of sugar I had carried had a little leakage causing the sugar to draw a line on the floor and in no time at all ants had begun to arrive. I wanted to stamp them- but I stopped to look at them in admiration and noticed some things about them and learnt what they were trying to teach us.

  • First they walked in a straight line to get to the sugar- walking straight and keeping your focus gets you to your goals faster.
  • They walked fast despite how tiny they were- it doesn’t matter how rich or poor you are keep on going.
  • They carried sugar cribs bigger that themself- take up challenges that seem bigger than you because there isn’t that challenge that you can’t take.
  • They worked in unity to get the sugar- in unity you’ll get your goals faster
  • They touched at each other to communicate as they were working-learn to communicate with people around you
  • They returned back to their hole with the same line-up after you’ve achieved your goals, do not lose your focus by over rejoicing in order to not lose what you have achieved.

Although I ended stamping some of them, I learnt a lot. Can’t we just be like the ants, they lived their lives quietly and worked together to achieve their goals and get food stored. If only we could be like the ants then don’t you all think that life will be much simpler and easier.

Relating it to fitness and health.

  1. Keep your focus of achieving your fitness goal.
  2. Do not think that any exercise or sport is bigger or too challenging for you, if you love it…..go for it.
  3. Keep on working on your body even after achieving your fitness goals.

If we can learn this amazing things from this ants then maybe we humans will have no cause to complain, have fights, losing and not achieving goals, yep we may go through some challenges as when I stamped the ants but getting back on the goals makes us a success.


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