Dancer’s pose

Dancer pose is the standing forward bend, its mostly used by ballerina’s and those who practice yoga but this pose has a lot of benefits to the body which are:


It increases lung capacity

It tones the spine

It increases flexibility

It strengthens the leg muscles

It strengthen the ankles of the feet

It opens the chest and shoulders

Here’s how to do the pose;

Begin by standing straight on your two legs, then lift your left leg backwards and grab your feet with your left hand.

Inhale and extend your right arm up

Exhale and take your left leg back

Bend at your hips, brings your body to be parallel to the floor thereby extending your left leg to the sky.

Hold for few minutes.

Release, repeat on the other side

This pose is also great for energizes the mind, reduces stress and relieves anxiety. This pose shouldn’t be done if you have;

Knee injury

Week ankles

High blood pressure


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