slimroast coffee: lose weight without exercising

19554497_1807366389576023_3274586342553448289_nHello guys, I was looking through some products for weight lose….and I came upon this amazing one……. slim roast……yes this drink is made in powder like coffee…… sugar…….just coffee with flavor……. even more I used it and in one week I lost 10lbs……I was so amazed with this that I decided to give it another try and wonderfully I lost an additional 12lbs……..i recommended this to my friends and my family and they all gave it a try and they also gave their own testimonies.

What is in the product?


Why I love slim roast?

It has no sugar and no artificial sweetener more so it doesn’t have any chemicals, pesticides, no gmo’s. slim roast has such taste in the mouth that takes it deeper into the body, moreover it claimed to help in managing and maintaining weight……on using it…. I saw for myself that it workes….I recommended it to my friend in USA………..


So, check her out, she got rid of stubborn belly fat in just three weeks.


Same went for her mother who surprisingly dropped down in her belly fat

What makes it special;

It elevates mood

It’s an antioxidant

Promotes brain health and focus

Regulates fat absorption

Regulates sugar absorption

It Controls appetite.

Its 100% naturalAA16214E-D850-4866-9293-E33DB845D212

Why I recommend slim roast?

I personally recommend this coffee on the basis that it is easy to use and its results are just of the expectancy.

This coffee is available in the UK.37320743-4914-4323-A67B-0D329E602EB1

so why not comment to order this and give it one week trial as I did……

how it’s used?

A sachet is taken a day.

How much does it cost?

Not too much, but I collated how much per week order is……so it depends on how many trials it is….this collation is done in Nigerian naira

1 week’s coffee – #2,700

2 week’s coffee – #5,400

3 weeks’ coffee – #8,100

4 weeks coffee – #10,800

5 weeks coffee – #13,500

6 weeks coffee – #16,200

7 weeks coffee – #18,900

8 weeks coffee – #21,600

The coffee order depends on how much weight that you want to lose and how much you can afford……as I did I order for three weeks…you can also order depending on how much weight you want to lose.

Where the company is?

The company is in the UK with name Valentus Weightloss beverage

How to get it?

You can decide to get directly from the company


Comment and I’ll order for you



No preserves, just natural, simple to use and the cheapest to buy.

What are you waiting for guys……..comment now to order or…

Call Toll: 07013225544

Email me:


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