remedies: how to get fuller and pink lips easily

Its every girl dream to have full, promiscuous and pink lips. Yes, we all dream of that but sometimes we don’t get our desired lips shape and color but guess what………exfoliation has been introduced and this works so well for making lips fuller and full of life, instead of having those dark and thin dry lips. I have two exfoliation treatments to give you all and some tips to get those promiscuous lips and say goodbye to those dark

Honey and sugar scrub: honey is very much rich in vitamins and minerals which are very essential for healthy skin and body. Why honey? Honey contains vitamin c, antibacterial and antifungal properties, antioxidants which helps to restore and heal and that’s what we need to get back the beauty in our lips. Why sugar? Sugar is a very exfoliation substance and when applied it gives fullness to wherever its applied

How to make the scrub?

Three and a half teaspoons of honey

Two full teaspoons of grinded and refined sugar

Add the honey into a container and add the refined sugar, mix together, making sure to form a smooth paste or scrub.

How to apply?

Use your index finger to dip into the scrub taking up a little bit and then rub onto your lips, massaging the scrub into your lips until every part of your lips is covered fully, leave on for an hour and then you can wash it off or………lick the sweetness off.

When to use?

This scrub should be used twice daily-in the mornings and in the nights

Continue until you’ve got your desired outcome

Any side effects?

None……. just for some people might develop some lumps but this will go away with time, or taking fruits will help in taking them away.

Milk and honey: milk is rich in calcium which helps to gain strong and healthy bones and teeth but when its mixed with honey, it becomes an ingredient which are used to achieve smooth and beautiful lips. This scrub is highly recommended and used because it works and does not have any side effects. So, here’s how to do it…

How to make the scrub:

20mls of milk (either fresh, evaporated but not powdered)

Three teaspoons of honey (fresh honey)

Mix the honey together with the milk to gain a smooth mixture.

How to apply?

Using your index finger, dip into the mixture and rub on your lips evenly, leave on for 30minutes afterwards smack it off or wash it off.

When to use it?

Anytime you feel like using it, just make sure it’s used at least once per day for desired outcome. You can continue to use it even after you’ve gotten your desired outcome.

Any side effects?


take fruits after you’ve eaten and eat foods that are rich in protein, calcium and vitamins. To get your healthy and promiscuous lips.



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