positions: upward facing bow


This pose helps in increasing stamina, keeping the spine strong, stretches the waists, forearms, strengthens the legs, buttocks, back, chest and wrist. This position is greatly used by gymnast as it also improves flexibility and promotes a healthy blood flow in your body and here’s how to do the bow bend;

  • Begin by laying on your back
  • Now bend your knees and place feet hip-width apart and parallel to each other.
  • Bend your arms and place your palms near your shoulders with the fingers pointing towards the feet.
  • Inhale, now press your palms into the floor, lift your torso and come to the top of your head and pause.
  • Widen your hands to be at least shoulder-width apart and bring your index fingers parallel.
  • Maintain your shoulder integration.
  • Inhale, press your hands and feet into the floor and lift your body up into an arch.
  • To come out of the pose, bend your elbows, bring your chin to your chest and lower unto your shoulders.

This pose should not be attempted in the following situation:

  • When back, neck or knee injury is involved
  • High or low blood pressure.

This pose has also been known to reduce stress and to energize the mind.


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