how I got rid of yellow teeth in three weeks

get your lovely grin
beautiful teeth

Yea, finally got this down-have been wanting to write about this remedy for weeks now but I first had to try out the remedy and it worked-yes, I had yellow teeth but after trying out these remedies and using them I got my white teeth and beautiful grin back. Here below are the three methods that I used to get my teeth beautiful, strong and shiner;
1. Lime and Coca-Cola solution: whenever I drank coca cola I usually felt an acidic feeling in my mouth so I decided to put it into test and make a solution out of it, coca cola has some alkaline components which whitens thing-not excluding the teeth, so for this solution I used a bottle of Coca-Cola drink and three limes, I also added salt for better results. To begin cut the limes and squeeze out the juice into a bowl, then add the salt and then refrigerate overnight to increase the alkality of the solutions, bring out and add the coca cola drink to it and mix well. Using the cap of the cola drink measurement pour into your mouth and keep in for 30 seconds, but if you can stand the taste on your tongue keep in longer but not up to two hours so your gums will not be affected, spit out the content and then brush your teeth with your toothpaste and brush and rinse your mouth. Do this ritual every morning and every night for the best results.
2. Cow milk or cheese: milk is highly rich in calcium which helps in the growth of the bones and the teeth, so drinking this cow milk naturally will give shine, strength and glitter to your teeth. I drank this milk in the mornings before going out and in the evening before I go to bed and after three weeks, my magical grin came out.
3. Eat lots of proteinous foods: I don’t really know how this contributed to my teeth whiten but I know that it attributed to the success of my beautiful grin, during the last three weeks I ate a lot of foods that contained proteins such as beans and eggs. So, I equally advice all to increase their intake of proteinous foods.
And after using these methods in just three weeks I got rid of that stubborn yellow teeth and got my dreamy white, strong and shiny teeth and overall my beautiful grin.
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