Get longer and beautiful nails in time

So many women do admire the beauty of long nails, it is attractive to find someone with long natural nails- it’s an add to external beauty and every lady just wishes to have that beauty but….darn those nails just refuse to grow long don’t bother anymore because I have four simple solution to grow your nails longer,stronger and more beautiful and I guarantee that in no time you will be flashing your long and strong nails, bellow are the five simple instructions to do to gain your long nails;

Add in your protein intake: proteins are the number one essential nutrients for growth and nails are no exception to that, so the first thing to do is to increase your protein intake, yep! I really mean it

  • Eat lean poultry such as fish, beef and pork for all lovers of meat.
  • Eat spinach and other vegetables that contain protein build healthy nails.
  • Drink protein shakes, or add protein powder to a glass of milk, for a quick protein boost.
  • Eat Eggs and nuts as they are also excellent protein sources, especially if you’re a vegetarian and can’t get your protein from meat or fish.

Know and take your essential vitamins: in addition to proteins, there are lots of vitamins that are specially for growth. Vitamin a,c and d are the most spectacular vitamins for growing and they work magically for growth of long and luxurious nails. Bellow are some ways to get those vitamins;

  • Take omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin e-a good source of this can be found in chia oil and fatty fish such as mackerel and salmon.
  • Take dairy products such as milk and fish as these are rich in vitamin d.
  • Vitamin C can be gotten from spinach, oranges, kiwis and from the vitamin c tablets.

Stop dieting: Dieting might help you lose weight and gain your shape and outline but it also makes your nails stop growing-have you ever noticed your nail growth slowing after you begin dieting well you may be restricting too many calories. So here’s a way to keep your shape, outline but still feed normally and gain your long nails.

  • Check what you eat, make sure it’s a combination of all nutrients-balanced diet
  • Eat whole fruits and vegetables, they don’t get you fat, they make you healthy 



Remember to always exercise, eat well and keep your nails clean and away from harmful substances such as washing soaps, bleach and rain water.


Now I present two magical portion that really work for the growth of the nails;

Egg,milk and banana paste: this mixture accelerates the speed of growth of the nails, I made it, tested it and I guarantee that it works. For this you’ll need;

  • Two large eggs
  • Milk-powdered or liquid or fresh
  • One large banana

Firstly peel off the skin of your banana and blend it, then add the milk to it and mix before adding the eggs-mix well, refrigerate overnight and store in an air tight container-apply on the surface of your nails and keep on for thirty minutes before you wash it off, do this each day.

Use nail strengthen polish: this can be gotten from your local beauty store, use on your nail to help it become more stronger, shinier and beautiful. See you flashing your beautiful nails soon.



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