The forgotten ritual: appreciation 

appreciation (1)

I have been wondering for so long now- let’s say for months

If there was something that I was missing out on

I was fit, healthy and confident ^didn’t see anything missing^

But it’s still felt like I had an empty hole and yes it all came all to me

Appreciation: I had forgotten how to appreciate

Long have I been working to achieve my goals on being fit and being healthy but I have not for once sat and think over what I have achieved

*have been in so many places , met so many people yet I still claim to have not gotten my desired outcome but……the truth is….

There are millions of people wanting to have the shape that I have, wanting to live the life that I am living, wishing to be healthy as I am..

It all struck me, I have not appreciated what I have achieved and what I have gotten…let me face the fact am ungrateful

But all that has to change now, I’ve got to fill up that missing space.

I gotta be thankful…… gotta be thankful…….we all gotta be thankful


*you’re alive and breathing normally… ain’t on oxygen mask……you ain’t on life support… can walk with both feet……you can move all parts of your body…..if you couldn’t then you will not be able to think about being fit

“Pause a bit on your race, turn to look back and see those fallen wishing to have gotten to where you are, look forward and see other fallen before you wanting to at least get back to where you are”

#attitudeofgratitude…….today as a new day evolves so my attitude rises….appreciate who you are, what you have achieved, where are you are in life

Appreciation begat more, once you see what you’ve done and appreciate it, you will get closer to achieving your goals.

As I sit in my room I look at myself and move my hands, yes I can move them so also my legs…..Am grateful and then is stand up to look at the mirror and see who I am…..Am grateful……I begin stretching….my body responded well….Am grateful….I go out and look around me, nature surrounds me, I look to the skies…Am grateful

Appreciate where you have reached and continue working hard to get to where you want to be……..

But above all, stay steadfast on your activities…..never stop training and keeping yourself healthy….Thus is a continuous action….*doesn’t stop* fitness is all round and every time….keep on the good work….we are in this journey together……appreciate where you’ve gotten too……


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