7 reasons you should begin cycling 

Cycling has been seen for a long time as a sport but riding your bicycles has so much benefits to your health and body. These reasons will get you back or make you begin riding your bicycle and leave your car for a while. Firstly before I begin, cycling has been found to be a major prevention for cancer and research shows that an average cyclist is 62% prevented from all sorts of bone and carnal diseases. So what are you waiting for, go through this reasons bellow;

  1. To improve your heart health life span:  Cycling makes your heart beat to accelerate and thus makes the blood pumping action to go on normally and healthily. Resent research shows that an average cyclist were 41 percent less likely to develop high blood pressure.
  2. To recover quickly: if you have just recently been injured or I’ll, bike riding will help your body recover well and get back to its activities, also patients suffering from osteoarthritis, knee pain, weak bones become improved if they add cycling to be part of their daily routine.
  3. To lose fat: this is an obvious reason as cycling is a method of exercising but there is more to this as older people wanting to lose fat when introduced to cycling tend to reduce their fat by 60percent and the same goes for younger people.
  4. To prevent lung cancer: there are many ways to prevent cancer but one of the majors and highly preventive option is cycling as it lowers the risk of lung cancer otherwise known as
  5. To work up your lower body: cycling is an abs workout technique. During cycling your legs are made firmer, your muscles tighter and your laps lose excess fat, this in returns prevent diseases such as bone and marrow weakness, knee and joint pain and swollen feet.
  6. Shapes your body outline: this is no surprise as all exercises shapes your body but cycling specially shapes your whole body and cuts of excess fat and also helps to straighten the bones thereby giving you a perfect body outline.
  7. Improves mental action: when riding bike the brain is trained to complete action quickly and faster as all your whole body will be put into action by the brain. Thus cycling not only improves your physical fitness but also the mental way as your brain becomes more complex as you ride a bicycle.cycling

More so a research has shown that cycling boosts confidence and self-esteem. So why not get on your bike now and be open to all this benefits to live healthier, happier and smarter.


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