Exercises to get your legs straightened 

Have you ever looked down to your legs and become greatly ashamed of them because they are full of fat and out of shape thereby ruining your total body shape and outline, well worry no more because workthatbodyup has got you covered with these amazing exercise to strengthen and straighten your legs.

  1. Do stairs run: if you happen to live in a house that have stairs then you’ll know that working up and down those stairways causes your thighs to tighten and you may sometimes find yourself so tired after going up and down, well here’s the thing this is a great cardio exercise also a beneficial exercise for your legs remember that “the more your heart rate is increased the more fat and calories you’ll burn off”. You can do this by simply running up the stairs with your body straight and walking back down with your legs straight, do this exercise for as long as you can to work up your thighs and strengthen your muscles.
  2. Do donkey kicks: this can be done in the house or outside in the garden, get a yoga mat or any mat and get down on your hands and knees with your back straight, arms shoulder width apart. Now with your legs still bent, lift one leg, pushing your heel to the ceiling until your thigh is parallel to the floor, hold for as long as you can, squeezing your legs and butt muscles, lower your leg and do the same on the other leg. Continue until your leg is quite heavy to lift and your thighs are tight.
  3. Do side squats: squats are coming as if you wanna sit on a chair, squats work up the back and the thighs and are used as a form of stretching to begin a sport activity or just to get your body up and going for the day, to do this, stand with your feet shoulder width apart and your toes out, step unto your right side, squatting down until your knees are at 90degrees, come back up and then repeat on the left side, do this until you are fully satisfied and worked up.
  4. Do leg lifts: this can be done in so many positions like while standing, when squatting or even when sitting on a chair, this exercise will engage your muscles. Now stand with your legs hip-width apart and move your weight to your left leg and lift your right leg up, you can now do and up and down motion with your legs just try not to lose your balance, bring your leg down and repeat on the other leg, continue until you have fully made your legs heavy.
  5. Do curtsy lunges: stand with legs shoulder width apart, now bend down in a lunge, step your right leg diagonally behind you towards the left side as if you are bowing like a female ballet dancer,thus bending your left leg,bend your right arm up with your hand by your face and hold the left arm down beside you for balance. As you stand back up, move your right leg back to center, setting it down. Continue until you get pretty much into it.
  6. Do toe Jacks: this exercise is a great cardio workout, standing with your legs together and your hands by your side, humour legs out and raise your arms,when you jump back in bend down and touch your toes engaging your leg muscles, continue for as long as you can.

After doing all these you can be sure that soon you’ll will be flaunting your straightened legs.


One thought on “Exercises to get your legs straightened 

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