seven reasons why you should excersize regularly

some think that exercising is usually stressful and unimportant but there are so many benefits of exercising of which i will speak and enlighten everyone and after this reasons are explained out, i can guarantee that you’ll want to exercise more.

  1. to burn off fats: this is an obvious reason for exercising as you do so you tend to lose fats and calories can also be burnt off, too much fat in your body can give way into so many illness such as; obesity, cardiac arrest etc. fats can be incredibly harmful to your body as sometimes they block veins that transfers nutrients, water and blood throughout our body, or they may as well cause your veins to over stretch and this can lead to veins tearing and inner bleeding, but all these can be prevented if we exercise frequently 
  2. To work up muscles: as exercises are going on, muscles are awaken and are made firm, strong or flexible and this makes your body to be steady and strong, as muscles are located at almost every joint in the body, working them up improves the joints and reduces danger of joint pains.working up the muscles also make your body much more fit and this build up your confidence, as with a good and fit body you will be very sure of yourself, exercising always work up our muscles, all muscles are worked up each time you exercise
  3. To keep you healthy: exercising keeps your body healthy and an healthy body means an healthy life, those who exercise regularly hardly fall ill or get infected by any dieses becauses each section burns off all unwanted substances in the body and this keeps your body system clean. Exercising also improves your body temperature control and this can keep you healthy so if you exercise regularly you are sure of a perfect health. 
  4. Builds aerobic power. Your aerobic capacity is your body’s ability to work at maximum capacity by getting oxygen from the air to your body’s tissues. Ordinarily, people lose about 1 percent a year of their aerobic power or, if you’d like to do the math, 10 percent per decade. If you start calculating at the age of 40, this means that people can lose 30 percent of their maximum aerobic capacity by the time they reach age 70. That’s a lot of unnecessary huffing and puffing. Both long-term and short-term exercise training studies show that you can cut this loss in half so that you’re losing 15 precent rather than 30 percent in that 30-year period. Many of the other benefits of exercise stem from this basic fact, so if you remember nothing else from this list, building aerobic power is your most important reason to exercise.
  5. Reduces blood pressure. Chronic hypertension is the number one form of heart disease. The causes of hypertension include the increased plaque in the arteries that builds up from consuming a high-fat diet. Exercise helps reduce your blood pressure, in part, by attacking the plaque in your arteries. As the arteries widen, the blood flows through more freely, and your blood pressure eventually starts to drop. Hypertension also decreases as the result of exercise because your heart, a muscle, is getting a workout. The stronger your heart muscle gets, the greater its ability to pump blood through the arteries, which also helps to reduce your blood pressure.
  6. Makes sleeping easier: you ever have trouble falling asleep at night, study reveals that regular exercise can help you sleep better. The best time to work out is in the morning or the afternoon, rather than before bed—if you exercise too closely to bedtime, it can actually have the opposite effect! Luckily, there are other good ways to fill up that pre-bed relaxation time
  7. to improve the span of your heart life: cardio exercise improves the pumping of your heart and doing this regularly keeps your heart healthy. your heart beats faster when you exercise and you may get tired but your heart doesn’t get tired, the fact is that your heart loves it when you exercise because it will be able to pump blood faster and to the other parts of the body. Another amazing fact is that exercising reales every blockage that might cause harm to your heart or to your body, as you exercise and the heart increases his pace of pumping blood, every blockages will be automatically removed. so you all  can see that your red heart is kept healthy as you exercise regularly.

So as we can see regular exercise has its benefits in our body, it WORKS THAT BODY UP


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