splits: easy exercise to get your center splits

splits are a part of showing your flexibility and it’s also a great way to work up your body, this split called the middle split or rather central split involves extending your legs so they form an 180 degree angle, this splits are used in almost every sports such as gymnastics, dancing Etc. well i am going to show you some exercises that i do to get my splits.

  1. warm up your body: go for a jog or just run in a spot, this helps get your body ready and active to do ome wonderful thing and in this case it works up our laps and awakens our muscles.
  2.  stretching: wow this is very important in all exercise workout, and there are so many different type of stretches that can be done but right now we only need some few scratches to achieve our splits.

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  • sit on your mat or floor ,after sitting upright and your back straightened bend your knees until your feet soles are touching each other, ten pull your heels as close as possible to your body and use your elbows to push your knees further deeper down, hold the stretch for as long as you can and in order to advance even more into the stretch, lean forward as far as you can and place your hands flat on the floor.

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  • come back up from your position and then spread your legs as wide as possible into a straddle like position, keep your legs straight and pressed down to the floor and then point your toes, now still keeping the straight back, lean forward as you had done before until your chest touches the floor or mat.
  • come up from your position and sit while sitting bring your two legs together and straighten them , then still with your back straightened lean forward and try to touch your toes or even better try to grab the soles of your feet with your hands, hold this stretch for as long as you can and enjoy the stretch.
  • now kneel on the floor placing your hands on the floor in front of you for balance, then after making sure of your balance move your knees outwards as far as possible from your body, maintain a straight line from one knee to the other, then move your hands lower to the floor until your elbows touch the floor.
  • come back to the your knees , now stretch your right leg outwards but the left leg still on its knee cap, now sink deeper into this position by pressing down both legs to the floor as they are, place your hands in front of you and get as much deeper as you can, when you have achieved your ulti most position, hold it for as long as you can, do the same on the other legs.

now we are all done with the stretches and we can now attempt our center split, so lets go: stand up on your two feet and  ten separate your legs until they form a v-shape, throw your upper body forward and place your hands on the floor, now slowly slide both feet or if you can walk outwards as far as your body can stretch . continue practicing these and after a couple of exercising your full center split should have completely been achieved and your flexibility level increased.il_570xN.643568050_60ue


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