5 steps to achieving a healthy life

living a healthy life involves more than just spending money, buying luxurious and expensive assets, feeding on palatable dishes and living in a comfortable house. there is more to that, a way to achieve a life free of stress, sickness and all can actually be calm and perfect for you.

  1. always be positive: yea this is a great way to achieve the perfect and healthy live, staying positive. the will of everything is going to be OK and everything is going to be fine. this shouldn’t only show in your speech but also in your actions, live a positive life, live a happy live. no one is above any trouble but what makes us hold on is positive mind, our believe that there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel. let this be your chant in the mornings before you leave for your daily outing and in the night before you lay down your heads to sleep.
  2. build up your confidence: have you ever heard the saying that it doesn’t matter who you are, where you are from but only matters is what you want to be. no matter how hard life may be to you, remain confident and walk with an air of power, an air of authority. this confidence will help us to live a healthy live and in no condition should this slip off our hands not even in the presence of the mighty rulers of the world.Kids-Prints-Be-Confident700
  3. always exercise: yes exercise keeps the body alive as it helps the heart to pump blood faster, any exercise can be done it be stretching, or going to the gym, or going for a jog this will increase your heart acceleration and there you will have an active red heart automatically giving you a sound mind and a sound mind gives peace and having peace makes an healthy live.
  4. Eat healthier foods: eat well and live well, do not skip this step if you want an healthy live. eat foods that satisfy your body’s needs but kindly avoid junk foods, fast food and soda as this all are high in calories and calories well give our body fat and being fat may cut down a person confidence or make way for other illnesses to come into the body.Healthy eating collage. Lots of fruits and vegetables, nuts and
  5. Never neglect your body: this goes out as my last point, do not neglect your body, treat it as a precious jewel, keep it hygienically clean, do not deny it good bed rest, always go for regular checkup and hey that’s all to living an healthy live.

But in addition to all these, watch your weight and stay away from all stress as much as you can and then try to find peace within you, around you and in your life.


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